Games with Live Dealer at the Versailles Casino

Casino Versailles offers more games than any other online casino. With dozens of different casino games and many 3D slot machines that you can’t find anywhere else, you have every reason to consider becoming a member. Before you become part of the casino, you can choose to play for free online; this will give you a taste of the very fast and stylish Adobe Flash system. From there, you can choose to take advantage of the excellent bonuses offered by joining the site. Indeed, for every euro you spend to place your first deposit, you will get an equivalent amount in return. In addition, you can take advantage of the registration process to join the exclusive VIP Club. This club gives you the opportunity to benefit from more bonuses and opportunities to earn up to 25% of your deposits in the form of credit.

Versailles online casino live games

Live dealer games are becoming more and more popular on online casino sites. And, as this technology continues to improve, more sites are likely to offer more games with live dealer. You can find online casinos that have live dealer games on Versailles. A casino experience with live dealer gives the player the feeling that he is really present in a casino, while playing from the comfort of his own home. Some of the games that are most often offered in a live dealer format include roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat. And there are many poker tables with different stakes and game variations for those who love playing this game. Before you start playing for real money, we recommend that you first learn how to calculate the poker odds, so you will know when you should play your hand and when to fold, increasing your chances to win.

How do live dealer games work?

Live dealers are filmed via webcam as they hand out cards, turn wheels or direct other games requiring a manager. Thus, even if the games are run on an online casino, the player can hear the beating of the cards, the rolling of the dice and the rotations of the wheels. The screen includes an interactive control panel where the player can read instructions on how to practice gambling, make bets, communicate with the dealer and control the balance of his account. Some games may require software downloads and others may not need it.

An impressive library of games

Some of the games available at Casino Versailles include blackjack, video poker and roulette. There are also progressive jackpots available that regularly offer members opportunities to win large cash prizes. However, the main attraction of this casino is its wide variety of 3D slots, which has also been recognized as the best slot machine software that can be found on an online casino. In addition, you can choose the way and time to access the casino games. Downloading the software directly to your computer gives you a chance to make things work normally and have the whole casino on your laptop or desktop. However, if you prefer to play without downloading, the online instant gaming system works via Flash software, which means you can access it even if your computer’s operating system is relatively old. Versailles puts all the power of a casino in your hands, allowing you to be the one who decides the game you play, the game time and the amount of bonuses you receive during your online gaming experience. We invite you to visit our friends on their website for an equally impressive online casino with a massive library of games and attractive promotions and offers.

Advanced Technology

Live dealer technology represents the future of the online casino industry. Today, online casinos operate with streaming videos streamed in real time using cameras that show real dealers in real casinos. The use of live videos means that there is no delay between the time the dealer distributes the cards and what the player sees on his computer screen. The image quality on the screen improves with each new generation of games, and some games even currently offer the option to zoom in on the table to better track the game. Live dealer games offer a gaming experience very close to what a player can get by playing in a real live casino, from the comfort of his home.